A Guide to Glamping With Kids

For kids, nature offers a sense of freedom that’s often hard to replicate. They can run around without fear of getting hit by a car and they can daydream and explore without the pressures of a social media feed staring back at them.

In addition to the benefits of putting away technology, camping can help kids learn important life skills. The outdoors is a great place to practice basic survival techniques and learn how to cook (and clean). Many glamping sites also offer fun outdoor activities that are perfect for kids like kayaking, horseback riding, firewood cutting, and hiking.

If you’re a first-time camper with kids or you haven’t camped since you were a kid, we recommend pitching your tent in your backyard and practicing for a few nights before taking your family on an actual glamping trip. This is a great way to discover what works and doesn’t as well as how to create a comfortable and safe environment for your children.

If your family made a promise to spend less time on screens this year, a glamping trip is the perfect opportunity to make it happen. There are many glamping sites that cater to kids, especially our glamping site, Camposanto ATX, in the hill country of Austin, Tx. Our families love to rent out both yurts on our properties and utilize the entire property to build fires, cook outdoors, participate in lake activities, and sleep in a comfortable structured tents with all the amenities you may need.